Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist
"Care Net is an encouragement to me.  I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing their work for years..."

Alveda King
Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King
"I say Amen to the entire Care Net family.  I want to commend you.  I want to congratulate you, to encourage you and exalt the name of Christ for the wonderful work you are accomplishing."
What others are saying about the Work of Care Net Pregnancy Centers:
Dr. Tony Evans
Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
"Christ calls us to love our neighbor."  This especially includes the abandoned women and children
of our nation's cities.  I urge every pastor to consider joining with Care Net in working with their local
pregnancy center to offer Christ's love to those who need it most."

Kim Alexis
"The right choice can only be made if all the information is provided.  Care Net enables women to
make informed decisions for themselves and their babies.  Everyone speaks of the right to choose. 
Care Net makes the right choice possible."

Rebecca St. James
Christian artist
"Hope.  It is something that every person looks for in life.  But for young women faving an unplanned pregnancy, 'alone' is what is mostly felt.  Care Net offers hope to millions of women faving an unplanned pregnancy, giving practical help and support."

Father Frank Pavone
National Director Priests for Life
"The people of our day need concrete signs that the God of life is not One who simply watches them suffer and struggle, but One who literally jumps into their suffering.  That is what our Lord did.  By journeying with those who are pregnant and afraid, Care Net does likewise."

C. Everett Koop
Former U.S. Surgeon General
"As the U.S. Surgeon General under President Ronald Reagan, I can tell you Care Net is doing more to stop abortion - one child at a time - than all the politicians in Washington, D.C."

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Putnam County is a member of Care Net.